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Less Meeting FAQ

How can I create a Less Meeting Agenda?
Current options include:
  1. From the Outlook Plugin
  2. From within a Google Calendar Invite
  3. By inviting (or forwarding) your Meeting to cc@lessmeeting.com (See Section 2.10 of the user guide for details)
  4. From the Less Meeting web site
How often should I use Less Meeting?
Less Meeting can be used for all of your meetings.
- Brainstorming meetings and Conferences tend to do better with less note taking and more collaboration.
- Status meetings and decisions tend to do better with a planned approach to moving forward that you attempt to stick to during your meeting.
How will I know when action items that are owed to me are completed?
Action items that are owed to you will show up in the daily digest. When they are completed there will be a section included in the next daily digest that shows the completed task. Additionally, you can see all of the outstanding and completed action items on the Action Items screen of the Less Meeting website.
How often is the daily digest email sent out?
The daily digest will be sent out each day to registered Less Meeting users if they have any open action items or if they have any meetings during the next day. See section 4.5 of the User Guide Daily Digest for more information.
Who is the daily digest sent to?
The digest is sent to anyone who is assigned action items for which reminders were requested. It's also sent to registered Less Meeting users if they have any meetings planned for the next day. See section 4.5 of the User Guide for more information.
Can I delete meetings on the website?
Meetings synched from Outlook will be automatically removed from the Less Meeting website if they're cancelled by the sender, or deleted by you if you're the organizer. To remove other meetings from your calendar, you can delete them from the Meetings page

NOTE: You can stop action item reminders by simply checking off the actions or deleting them from the original meeting page.

Google Apps Integration FAQ

When are my changes sent to the website?
Less Meeting will sync with Google Apps on a cycle where your changes should show up within 30 minutes.
How can I add my agenda and tags to a meeting from Google Apps?
Less Meeting will read the following items from your meeting Description:
1. Agenda Item One (5 min)
2. Agenda Item Two (2 min)
3. Agenda Item Three (30 min)

Tags: Tag 1, tag 2, 3
Can I sync multiple calendars?
Yes! You can sync with multiple email addresses, and multiple calendars. Simply login/choose the corresponding google accounts when you are redirected to their site, and we'll match them up with Less Meeting accounts.
A meeting didn't sync, what should I do?
You can try adding cc@lessmeeting.com as a participant to try to force the meeting through.

Outlook Client FAQ

When are my changes sent to the website?
Less Meeting synchronizes your calendar and Less Meeting Agendas on a scheduled 2 minute interval. Less Meeting will slow down sending changes if a bunch of changes happen at once.
NOTE: Calendar and Agendas are synchronized separately, so you may occasionally notice a momentary delay in your agenda showing up on the website
How do I reorder agenda items?
Drag and drop is supported for agenda and goals in the Outlook client. Changes will be automatically saved.
Does the plug-in support multiple email accounts in Outlook?
You will only be able to save Less Meeting records for meetings scheduled with the email you registered at LessMeeting.
If I make changes to the meeting goals, agenda items, or tags in Outlook, do I need to resend the meeting invitation to all of the participants?
If you make changes to the Goals, Agenda, or Tags in Outlook the changes will automatically be saved and synchronized with the Less Meeting website when you close the meeting. There is no need to resend the meeting invitation to all of the participants. You also have the option of making changes to the meeting on the Less Meeting website, which will synchronize with your Outlook meeting.

Outlook Plug-in Install FAQ

Which versions of Microsoft Outlook does the plug-in support?
Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013* are all supported.

*2013 is in beta for non-tablet computers
Will Less Meeting work if I manage multiple email addresses in Microsoft Outlook?
Yes, but please ensure that the email account you use for Less Meeting is set as your default account in Outlook.
How does the plug-in get updates? Will I have to keep uninstalling this thing?
The Outlook plug-in is built with a technology called Microsoft ClickOnce, and will automatically stay up to date with the latest version
Does Outlook need to be closed during installation?
It's recommended to close Outlook during installation, or restart Outlook once completed.
Is Outlook Webmail supported?
It's not currently supported. Please email us if this feature is important to you.
When will other email platforms be supported?
If you have another email platform like Lotus Notes or Mac Mail that you'd really like support for, please email us to let us know your feature request.
When will other devices be supported?
We're working on vesions for the iPhone, Blackberrys, and an offline Desktop client